At some point, you choose. How you want to be. How you want to live. How you want each moment to unfold before it slips away.
What choices feed your bottom line? A commitment to live each possible moment out of doors? A desire to own a minimal, modern home that exists in harmony with our environment? A determination to spend time enjoying experiences and people instead of things?
We know. Welcome to Urban Commons.

The Site

Our unique concept pairs modern architects with trusted builders to create a sustainable community like none in Dallas. Located in North Lake Highlands at the hub of LBJ, Forest Lane and Technology Row, our commons-based master plan brings the natural setting to life, complete with branch creek waters and trails throughout—all designed to be self-irrigating and low impact.

We’re in early construction phases now. Soon, the site plan you see above will interact to show available lots, home designs, architects and builders. You’ll browse homes as small as 600 feet and as large as 2,800—all modern by design, all sustainably built, all crafted to blend beautifully into the harmonious setting.

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