Change Is In the Air: Energy Awareness Month

October brings change as leaves and temperatures fall — but the biggest change of all is represented by Energy Awareness Month. This time, every year, the Department of Energy encourages us to lead by example in developing energy efficiency practices. We believe in this challenge, and have adopted its ethos in our low-impact, sustainable community that prioritizes the conservation of this precious resource.

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“Energy conservation is always top of mind in the development of Urban Commons,” says founder and developer Diane Cheathem. “From low-impact materials to efficient and reliable natural gas service from Atmos Energy, our goal is to create a highly sustainable lifestyle.’

In 2020, non-fossil fuel sources accounted for only 21 percent of U.S. energy consumption. We hope to help change that. Our partnership with Atmos Energy delivers natural gas to our homes and common areas. This provides safe and reliable energy for modern and clean living. In our homes, Atmos natural gas will power water heaters and 95 percent of the energy required by heaters and cooking appliances.

In addition, we’ve required all builders to adhere to the highest of standards to promote energy efficiency. These standards include Advanced Framing Techniques, roofing that reduces solar heat gain and heat island effects, and highly rated windows.

At Urban Commons, our vision is to provide a community that takes the lead in building a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle matched by its design-forward aesthetic.