More for Less: Edward M. Baum’s Approach to Modern Architecture

ed baum modern architecture

After teaching at Harvard and at Washington University in St. Louis, Edward M. Baum was appointed dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington, where he helped lead the school to national recognition in design.

Known for work in modern architecture, Baum was a natural fit for Urban Commons, where he has designed three of our low-impact, design-forward homes. Learn how Baum defines sustainability...

Architect-Driven, Low-Impact Living in Advocate Magazine

Our sustainable, modern homes designed by award-winning architects were featured in a recent Lake Highlands Advocate article. Christina Hughes Babb spoke to developer Diane Cheatham as well as architects Bang Dang and Josh Nimmo about the project. They discuss how design, sustainability and community come together to create a new kind of urban living. Read more in the excerpt below or read the entire story here.


Diane Cheatham on Art of Modern Podcast

The Art of Modern podcast recently launched with an episode featuring Urban Commons developer Diane Cheatham. In it, modmedia,inc founder Jeff Levine and Diane discuss the history of modern design in urban living — and Diane’s pioneering role in its increasing influence.

We highly recommend listening and subscribing to the podcast on SoundCloud, the modciti website or below.

Here is modciti’s description of the...

Architects Far + Dang on Model Sustainability

Since architects Rizwan Faruqui and Bang Dang formed Far + Dang in 2011, they have designed and built some of the most striking homes in the Southwest and become known for their approach to sustainability. The firm is known for being untethered to a specific style and instead creating something in response to its specific location in time and space. The award-winning team stopped to discuss their approach to Urban Commons, sustainability and...

Diane Cheatham: On the “Leading Edge” Of Residential Development

Diane Cheatham Residential Development

Urban Commons developer Diane Cheatham’s notable accomplishments and her ongoing commitment to excellence in planning, architecture, and design place her at the forefront of innovative developers in North Texas. She was among the first developers to aggressively build upscale, modern infill projects in the 1980s in Uptown Dallas, still considered an edgy, risky area at the time. Diane’s projects have won more than 30 awards for design and...

The Best Dallas Architects – Urban Commons

When D Home makes their annual list of the best Dallas architects, we aren’t surprised to see our own team members in the mix. In the last three years, several of the architects responsible for designing the sustainably constructed modern homes in Urban Commons have been deemed Best in Dallas. They include Far + Dang, Marek Architecture, A Gruppo and Nimmo Architecture. Read on for some select excerpts of a couple of the listings:

Far +...

Urban Commons Makes The Modern Design Highlight Reel

modciti, a magazine dedicated to covering residential modern design in Dallas, recently published a Modern Year in Review roundup written by Betsy Lewis which includes Urban Commons. The development’s combination of award-winning architects, progressive design and sustainable living is charting a path toward the future of urban living. Check out this short excerpt from the article below and read the whole magazine here.

modciti Modern...

Dallas’ Green Communities: Urban Commons in D Home

Check out this recent write up on green communities like Urban Commons in D Home. Author Jennifer Sander Hayes profiles our modern, sustainable community and our developer, Diane Cheatham.

Green Communities: Urban Commons 

Urban Commons is a unique concept underway in Dallas that pairs modern architects with trusted builders for a sustainable community. Located in north Lake Highlands at the hub of LBJ, Forest Lane, and Technology...

The Dynamic Residential Developer: Diane Cheatham in modciti

residential development diane cheatham

This insightful profile of our award-winning residential developer, Diane Cheatham, in modciti is not to be missed! We’ve reproduced a short excerpt from the story, written by Kendall Morgan, here. Read on for her thoughts on modern residential development or check out the entire issue.

Diane Cheatham: Dynamic Residential Developer 

[Developer Diane Cheatham expanded] on her legacy with the launch last fall of Urban Commons....

Change Is In the Air: Energy Awareness Month

Energy Awareness Nimmo Rendering

October brings change as leaves and temperatures fall — but the biggest change of all is represented by Energy Awareness Month. This time, every year, the Department of Energy encourages us to lead by example in developing energy efficiency practices. We believe in this challenge, and have adopted its ethos in our low-impact, sustainable community that prioritizes the conservation of this precious resource.

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