Diane Cheatham on Art of Modern Podcast

The Art of Modern podcast recently launched with an episode featuring Urban Commons developer Diane Cheatham. In it, modmedia,inc founder Jeff Levine and Diane discuss the history of modern design in urban living — and Diane’s pioneering role in its increasing influence.

We highly recommend listening and subscribing to the podcast on SoundCloud, the modciti website or below.

Here is modciti’s description of the podcast:

“Working with top-flight architects, Diane Cheatham has developed and constructed 22 infill projects, including master-planned communities, townhomes, multi-family complexes, and single-family homes, often in areas that have been overlooked or avoided by conventional, risk-averse developers. She was among the first developers to aggressively build upscale, modern infill projects in the 1980s in Uptown Dallas.”