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When D Home makes their annual list of the best Dallas architects, we aren’t surprised to see our own team members in the mix. In the last three years, several of the architects responsible for designing the sustainably constructed modern homes in Urban Commons have been deemed Best in Dallas. They include Far + Dang, Marek Architecture, A Gruppo and Nimmo Architecture. Read on for some select excerpts of a couple of the listings:

Far + Dang

Bang Dang and Rizi Faruqui joined forces in 2011 to combine their more than three decades of architecture and design experience to form F A R + D A N G…. “We keep evolving and staying open to ideas…,” Faruqui says. “The tenets of modernism are our guiding principles, but more in terms of the way it affects the space and architecture than the way something looks. We are very process driven and strive for our projects to have a lasting quality and a sense of timelessness.” Read more.

Marek Architecture 

Marek Architecture designs buildings that fit in well with their location and consistently seeks opportunities to create and maintain a cohesive, holistic design solution. Structures tend to be honest and simple. Spaces are warm and comfortable. Lead architect Adam Baldwin says, “We enjoy the construction of architecture and share environmental sensitivities. We have a passion for learning how things can be made and perform better, particularly in our region.”  See their listing

Additional Best Dallas Architects 

Nimmo Architecture

A Gruppo

About D Magazine’s Best Dallas Architects 

To read more about the Best Architects in Dallas or great Dallas home design, be sure to check out D Magazine’s best-of listings and pick up a copy of D Home!


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